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Step into a world of imagination, laughter, and creativity at www.penelopepigtastic.com, the official website of renowned children’s author, Penelope Pigtastic. This delightful online destination is a haven for young readers, parents, and fans of all ages who adore Penelope’s enchanting stories, captivating illustrations, and magical characters.


Get to know Penelope Pigtastic and her imaginative world. Discover her latest books, upcoming events, and exciting news.


Dive into the whimsical world of Penelope’s stories. Learn about her beloved characters, such as Rainbow Pig and Unicorn, and explore their thrilling adventures through enchanting summaries and vibrant illustrations.

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Unleash your creativity with coloring pages inspired by Penelope Pigtastic’s books. Download printable coloring sheets featuring Rainbow Pig, Unicorn, and other delightful characters. Let your imagination soar as you bring these illustrations to life with your favorite colors.

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Gain insights into Penelope’s creative process, her inspiration, and her journey as a children’s author. Discover her writing tips, fun facts, and behind-the-scenes peeks into the making of her beloved stories.

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Connect with fellow Penelope Pigtastic fans in the lively Fan Zone. Share your artwork, participate in contests, and engage in discussions about your favorite characters and moments from Penelope’s books.


Stay up-to-date with Penelope’s upcoming events, including book signings, readings, and appearances. Find out where you can meet Penelope Pigtastic in person and get your books personally signed.


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